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Modus Operandi

Ideation is the first step towards the implementation of any project. For this very reason we have a professional advisor who will help you to shape your idea within the market and turn it into a highly competitive project.

After Ideation, design comes into play. This is the key process that will help your company and your project stand out in the market. This process is carried out together with our professionals whose mission is to get the UI / UX design 100% right and achieve a good representation of the company.

For a better visualisation of the project, our team designs and models a prototype of the project to be used, this helps us to see the general idea to be developed and serves as a guide to outline the design and functions of the project in a more efficient way.

Once the Project is accepted, the Design and the Prototype meets the established requirements, the project is executed in the corresponding framework and the one preferred by the client. For each project our consultants will help you decide which framework to use. This process is the most beautiful because we translate all the design previously done into pure and functional code.

To finalise and complete the project, we must deploy the programme in the technological environment corresponding to the company. This process is characterised by the installation of the programme, the start-up and the preferred settings of each user. As a company, we always recommend to use Cloud Native.

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